The core team of the company has long struggled in the domestic pressure vessel industry and has experience in the design and manufacturing of chemical machinery and equipment in coal chemical, petrochemical, fine chemical and other industries. In the domestic pressure vessel industry, it has successively participated in Shenhua Baotou, Shenhua Ordos, Shenhua Ningmei, Shenhua Xinjiang, Zhongmei Yulin, Zhongmei Tuke, Yankuang Yulin, Yankuang Xinjiang, Xinjiang Zhongtai Xinjiang Tianye, Datang Duolun, Datang Keqi, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and other domestic well-known major coal chemical projects and petroleum refining project companies have rich engineering design, product manufacturing experience and technical accumulation.

1. 2013 Shandong Luwei pharmaceutical 35t syrup evaporator and 6T sorbitol evaporator
2. In 2014, Taiwan Huantai 5T 4-effect evaporator (fully automatic)
3. In 2014, Zhuhai Huacheng Technology Co., Ltd. (Brazil project) 20 tons of corn slurry waste heat evaporation
4. In 2015, Henan Renhua biotechnology pharmaceutical evaporator 8 sets
5. In 2015, Luzhou Biotechnology (Shandong) Co., Ltd., 18 tons of corn slurry waste heat evaporator
6. 2016 Yishui Qingyuan food factory 18t waste heat corn slurry evaporator
7. In 2017, Luzhou Biotechnology (Shaanxi) Co., Ltd. 20 tons of corn slurry waste heat evaporator
8. In 2017, Sichuan Qianhe flavor industry 5 tons of three effect brine forced circulation evaporator
9. In 2018, Taiwan Huantai company (Thailand) 20 tons of 5-effect glucose syrup evaporator.
10. In 2018, COFCO Pakistan project 8 tons of 4-effect syrup evaporator.
11. In 2019, 30t mixed salt crystalline titanium evaporator (complete plant) of Korla PTA project of Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd
12. In 2019, 8 tons of 5-effect syrup evaporator of Guangzhou Heliyuan food factory
13. 2019 Henan Renhua technology 3T forced circulation crystallization evaporator – pharmaceutical crystallization products
14. 2020 Shandong Yishui Qingyuan food factory 20t 7-effect waste heat evaporator
15. 2020 Guangdong Huanfa biotechnology crystalline sorbitol evaporator – forced circulation stirring
16. 2020 Shandong Yishui Kunda biological 20t corn pulp waste heat evaporator

1. General contracting of Shandong Golden Corn 100000 ton monohydrate crystalline sugar project
2. General contracting of 50000 ton monohydrate glucose project of Shandong Qingyun Dingli group
3. Shandong Weifang Shengtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the general contractor of 60000 tons of one water injection sugar and 50000 tons of anhydrous injection sugar
4. General contracting of 400L / h starch liquefaction saccharification pilot plant of Henan Jindan lactic acid Co., Ltd
5. General contractor of Egypt starch syrup project of Wuhan friendship Xingtai starch Engineering Co., Ltd
6. General contracting of liquefaction and crystallization system of Shandong Qingyuan food factory
7. General contracting of starch syrup project of Inner Mongolia Rongcheng Starch Industry Co., Ltd
8. General contracting of crystalline glucose project of Chiping Tongchuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd
9. General contracting of syrup and crystalline sugar project of Hebei Guangyu starch sugar industry Co., Ltd
10. General contracting of syrup and crystalline sugar project of Henan Julong Bioengineering Co., Ltd
11. General contracting of syrup project of Fujian Zhangzhou mincheng Starch Industry Co., Ltd
12. General contracting of crystalline sugar project of Changzhi Jinze Bioengineering Co., Ltd
13. General contracting of syrup project of Xinjiang Tianyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd
14. General contracting of syrup project of Yili Henghui Starch Co., Ltd
15. General contracting of liquid sugar project of Xinjiang Suyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd
16. General contracting of potato syrup project of Shandong Honghe Shengqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd
17. General contractor of Beijing Maike Egyptian rice syrup project
18. General contracting of rice syrup for Pakistan large project of Wuxi Institute of COFCO Engineering
19. General contracting of fructose syrup maltose syrup project of COFCO Wuxi Institute of Engineering in Russia
20. General contracting of liquefaction system evaporator project of four plants of Taiwan Huantai group (Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines)
21. General contracting of Kazakhstan syrup plant (decolorization system)

1. Anti corrosion EPC project of olefin center heat exchanger (e203) of Shenhua Group Xinjiang Chemical Co., Ltd
2. General contracting project for repair and repair of internal anti-corrosion frame of heat exchanger of PetroChina Hohhot Petrochemical Company
3. EPC project of heat exchanger tube bundle corrosion protection for oil refining unit overhaul in 2017 of PetroChina Ningxia Petrochemical Company
4. General contracting project for internal corrosion protection of heat exchanger in the whole plant of PetroChina Qingyang Petrochemical Company
5. E-4031a / b heat exchanger internal anti-corrosion EPC project of Nanjing Chengzhi Yongqing Energy Technology Co., Ltd
6. 2019 general contracting project of heat exchanger internal anti-corrosion and tubesheet repair anti-corrosion frame of Datang Inner Mongolia Duolun Coal Chemical Co., Ltd
7. 2019 contract for internal corrosion protection of heat exchanger and tubesheet corrosion protection of Datang Inner Mongolia Keqi coal to Gas Co., Ltd
8. General contracting project for anticorrosion maintenance of heating furnace coil and heat exchanger tube bundle of PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Company

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